Sunday, 9 February 2014

Looking for Spring

Between bad weather and bad health, it seemed like an eternity since I'd been out and about with my camera.
So when Saturday came along, I was determined to go and seek out some signs of spring. Ideally I would have inspected the garden, checked on the bulbs I planted last autumn, and maybe taken a walk though the fields.
But still it rained. And rained. And rained.
I'd have to  find spring indoors and what better place than Strandfield Flower Market? I had time to pop in for some quality 'me time' before going into town.
There was a cosy fire to chase the chills away but the blinds were pulled in the coffee shop making it too dark for photography.
However, there was plenty to see in the large conservatory and flower shop.
The spring bulbs look tempting so I think I might buy some later in the week to augment those I planted.  Perhaps I will drop a few hints that they would be preferable to overpriced roses for Valentine's Day.

I am really drawn to that botanical print and would love to buy it but unfortunately I  don't think there's a space for it on our already crowded walls.

Fortified by a hot chocolate, I made my shopping list, read some of my book, and left refreshed to face the weekly grocery shop.


  1. I wish we had such a wonderful flower market here although I would probably spend more time there than is good for my purse. I particularly love the orange ranunculi, I have some waiting to be planted. I hope you are much better now, and that the terrible weather is on its way out. Cx

  2. Your pix certainly make this place look worth a visit. Lovely photography Mairead.

  3. Looks like you found plenty signs of Spring, great photos.

  4. May the climate and your health soon return to normal. Nice pictures that almost persuade me that Spring is on its way, even though I know it'll be a long haul.

  5. Oh, yes, bulbs instead of roses any day of the week! Looks like a lovely spot to have a tea and read. Seems like the shops are about the driest places to spot spring. It's been cold and raw and damp here as well. Amazingly enough the bulbs are peeking out of the garden.
    By the floppy hyacinths...I have no cure except a few sticks and string. Otherwise I just cut them and stick them in a vase.


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