Friday 28 February 2014

February Scavenger Hunt

Joining in with Suzzie for the Scavenger Hunt once again. As the weather was quite foul with lots of storms in the early part of the month, I found it harder than expected to come up with images for all the clues.

F is for  Fishing Boats

Fishing boats tied up in Dundalk Harbour


Finished work early so time to get a photo of the tower of Dundalk's St Nicholas Parish Church, popularly known as the Green Church because of its copper spire. It's the oldest building still in use in our town.


 We buy logs from a local forester for burning during the winter months.


A dusting of snow on this street lamp on our one hour of snow this  year!


Clock tower in Drogheda


I like to put a little honey on my porridge for breakfast in the winter.


This is the fountain in Dundalk's Market Square. It's very popular with children and usually gushes  up much higher than this but it was on a  subdued cycle when I stopped to snap it on my way home after working late. I intended going back in the hope of getting a more impressive shot but it has been closed off due to roadworks ever since!


Ireland is famous for its round towers which were used by monks as a place of refuge during Viking invasions. This one at Dromiskin, Co Louth, dates back to the 12th century. It would originally have stood higher but the top was altered at some stage leaving it with a squat appearance.

We had so much dull weather at the beginning of the month that it took me longer than I expected to get this shot of shadows on the wall of the old St Joseph's orphanage at Seatown Place, Dundalk.

A group of birds including swans, mallard ducks, moorhens and gulls in Ice House Hill, Dundalk after a brief snow shower.

Beer barrels which were cut in half find a new use as planters outside a pub in Dundalk


It's great that the evenings are getting brighter so I can get out to take photographs and walk the dog, and enjoy sunsets like this, after work.


  1. Another great set of photo's Mairead. I particularly like round and shadow... can imagine the children looking out of those windows :( I still need to take a couple before I can post my collection-late again!

  2. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt another great group of photos, I really like your photos of grain, fountain, F and round. Greenthumb

  3. Pictures that not only meet the requirements of the assignment but stand as excellent photos on their own. Have a good weekend.

  4. Lovely photos. I Like the sunset and that round tower is great.

  5. Beautiful photos. I love the round tower but my absolute favourite and the one I keep scrolling back up to take a look at is the fishing boats. x

  6. These are lovely photos, Mairead! I particularly like the shadows. Shadows have been rather a rare occurrence with all the dreich weather. You really live in a beautiful part of the world. I wonder if I have enough imagination to participate in the scavenger hunt? x

    1. Thanks Christina - I thought shadows would be one of the easies things to capture - instead it was one of the hardest. You should join in - it's great fun and makes you look at things differently.

  7. I'm so glad that you joined the scavenger hunt, Mairéad! It's such fun to get a personal glimpse into Ireland. Your lamp looks like something out of Narnia, and I really connected with your fishing boats (coming from Nova Scotia myself)! Thanks for putting together a great set of photos! Take care!

  8. I liked your shadow photo, I found that one hard too! It has been so dull here. Lovely clouds too

  9. Super set of photos, I love fountain, round, F, grain and honey!

  10. What a lovely set of charming photos ~ always enjoy seeing other parts of the world and how the categories are interpreted. The swirl of honey is very effective, and the colourful fountains would be something a child would remember. Wonderful old buildings ~ thanks for sharing your wonderful location.

  11. What a great set of photos- love the grain and honey and shadow- well all of them really:)


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