Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Seasons Meet

It's beginning to look like spring although it still feels like winter.
The snow lingers  on the mountain tops while the spring flowers finally burst into bloom.

March was  a truly horrible month with most unseasonable weather which caused dreadful problems  for farmers who lost flocks of sheep and new born lambs and claimed the lives of poor abandoned horses on the mountains.  Much as I love the snow, I don't want it when it's supposed to be spring and when it brings such hardship.
However, as April arrived, still cold but bright and sunny, I couldn't resist the beauty of the snow clad peaks and set Saturday afternoon aside for an outing with himself and the dog.
We drove across the Cooley Mountains and into Omeath with stunning views across Carlingford Lough to the majestic Mountains of Mourne.

We stopped in Omeath and walked along the shore, braving the crisp sea breeze to enjoy the view of Warrenpoint and The Mournes across the Lough.
I just love this Georgian  house, right  on the shore. What fantastic views the owners must enjoy as they look out.
We continued to Carlingford, which has become a popular destination with tourists from Dublin and Belfast as well as abroad.
We stopped off at the antique shop.
And the new craft shop.

My companions waited patiently.
Hot chocolate to finish the outing


  1. Sounds like a lovely day out and your photos are beautiful. I have really enjoyed the snow over here but do feel for the farmers who have lost livestock and the other animals that have suffered of late.

  2. Beautiful photos, Mairead. I'm quite fond of Louth, the countryside there is so beautiful.

  3. Such pretty photos and I like the title of your post "The Seasons Meet." We're sitting between seasons here too with snow still visible on all the mountains but spring greens emerging in the valleys. I wish it would hurry up.

    p.s. you asked about the Josh Ritter song on my blog. I posted it in the comments there but since I'm not sure if you check back . . . it's called "Hopeful" and it's on his newest album. :)


  4. What a lovely post. I long to see your country. A cousin visited two years ago and she said it's a beautiful place with friendly people.
    Mother Nature is unpredictable at best and animals do suffer the consequences of a bad storm or excess snow. It's a shame.
    I hope that your weather keeps improving.
    Love the photos.

  5. I'd love to hike the Mourne Mountains...have you ever read "Beyond Belfast" by Will Ferguson? (he's Canadian) It's a great book about his walk across Northern Ireland including the Mournes...lovely shots, but sorry to hear of the hardships the cold has caused. That hot cocoa looks CRAZY yummy!

  6. Wonderful photos, will the weather ever improve?

  7. What stunning photos! The contrast of snowy mountains and signs of spring are dramatic. You live in a very beautiful part of the world. x

  8. I think I recognise that shop! I haven't been up that way for years, but both Carlingford and Warrenpoint are wonderfully picturesque. What a lovely day out!

  9. Love your space here on the blogosphere. Your photos trigger wonderful memories of my childhood in Europe. Thank you for writing kind words on my blog!


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