Monday 1 April 2013

The Scented Room

A while ago, thanks to my day job, I got the chance to try out a reed diffuser by the Irish company Voya so I thought I'd share my impressions.
Living, as we do, with a dog and a cat, I occasionally wonder if we may have become immune to pet odours and worry that visitors might not be enchanted with eau de wet dog.
Therefore, despite our best efforts to keep the house hygienically clean, I sometimes find myself lighting scented candles before visitors arrive.
For some unknown reason, I never got round to using reed diffusers before so I was interested in finding out just how effective they would be.

Voya  is a company based in Co Sligo on the Irish west coast who have branched out from the traditional family enterprise of seaweed baths (which still operate in Strandhill) to producing natural organic beauty and lifestyle products.
The Oh So Scented reed diffuser comes in attractive packaging with the company's distinctive seaweed logo.

The  frosted glass bottle is discreet with a wooden top to hold the reeds although I did find it quite difficult to get the plastic stopper out.

The scene combines lemon and basil notes and six week after placing it in our living room, I can still notice a distinctive citrus aroma, and I'd guess there's three quarters  of the bottle left.
At €40, it's not cheap but I will probably be tempted to buy another diffuser when this one is finished.

For more information about this and other Voya products, why not visit their website
 (Aside from getting the product free, this is not a sponsored post and the views are my honest opinion)


  1. Interesting concept, these things are. I've seen them in the shops but they seem to only hold very strong chemical smelling stuff in the bottle. I like the sound of that combo.
    I always throw open doors and windows when we are having can one not be enamoured by 'eau de wet dog? There must be something terribly wrong with them!

  2. Lovely idea if you have a smelly dog I suppose.......but I find it hard to take strong cleaner type smells of any kind. When I go to hotels I spend a few minutes searching for the offending plug-ins and I plug them out!!! Haha! Thank goodness there are natural alternatives.....and the packaging is so pretty too.....

  3. That sounds like a really nice reed diffuser. I used to use scented candles until I relaised they were discolouring the paintwork in the rooms where I was using them. Might give this diffuser a go. I too occasionally worry about eau de dog!

  4. I'm pretty sure that I am immune to doggy smells - I dread to think what our house smells like to non-doggy people! The diffuser certainly looks lovely but I will have to take your word for it smelling good too.

  5. I use one in our bed room and it is a nice gentle smell, not too over powering.

  6. I love Voya products and the seaweed baths :)

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