Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beauty On Our Doorstep

The Mountains of Mourne
The question of where to go on our summer holidays is being discussed in our household at the moment.
However, as the task of deciding on a destination, finding flights and accommodation always falls on me, it's been a rather one-sided discussion so far.
Himself would be quite happy with a Stay-cation - and a real one at that, not moving from home apart from day trips.
I thought about supporting the Irish economy and exploring our beautiful countryside as I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that the average American tourist has probably been to more parts of Ireland than I have.
The teenager wants to go abroad and the more exotic the better.
So there are still lots of decisions and compromises to be made.

Mourne Mountains
If the weather was always as nice as it was at the weekend, I would have no problem with not going abroad. But unfortunately, if recent summers are anything to go by, there's no guarantee of sunshine and every guarantee of rain.
Looking towards Greencastle

Greenore Beach

One thing I do know is that if we decide to travel around Ireland, our dog won't be coming with us.
I had thought that it would be nice to take him as  it would save having to put him into kennels.
However,  although he is perfectly well behaved at home and when going for walks locally, once we go further afield, he forgets all  his manners. The sensory overload of scents and sounds sees  his  training go out the window and, being a strong dog, he pulls the arm of the unfortunate on the other end of the lead. 
Fudge Enjoys A Dip


  1. That first photo is wonderful, absolutely gorgeous!
    We're doing a city break this year, I think the children are old enough now to enjoy a trip to London to see the sights.
    If you could guarantee the weather Ireland/Scotland etc would be fantastic for holidays but I think in a way it would also ruin them too - I like how they're unspoiled and part of the reason I think they're that way is because the weather is not great (it's been pish for the last few years, to be blunt!)

    1. We always went for city breaks with our son (he's now a late teen) and they worked very well. London should be great - lots of everyone to see. Just avoid too much walking which can make little legs tired and grumpy!

  2. I too think that the first photo is fab. We have booked a week in this country and a week in France - so a mixture of both. There is as much to see at home as abroad. The weather as you say is always the problem.

    1. That sounds like the best of both worlds.

  3. We always find it so hard to decide on holidays but have just booked a week in Madeira in August. I have yet to break the bad news to the dogs as they do like coming with us!

  4. Madeira is supposed to be beautiful. We've decided on Antrim - not sure whether Fudge will come with us or not.

  5. So many places to see - so little time and money, that's my thinking. I've never been to Europe and I'm dying to go, my daughters want something tropical, hubs wants it all...meanwhile what to do with our dogs? I hate kenneling them.

    In the end we usually end up spending our vacation time seeing family right here in the U.S. since we live quite a distance from our parents and siblings.

    Good luck figuring it all out.

  6. So beautifully blue!!! Isn't it great to see it again and sure all you would have to do is stay there!!! I always go to a little spot outside Dingle in County Kerry, you cant beat it!!

  7. We've decided on north Antrim - our favourite getaway spot- although there were lots of other contenders.


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