Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Spooks Come Out To Play

The Big House behind the trees has a haunted room - or so my father used to say as he told ghost stories at Halloween.  He told  how, according to local lore, a stranger knocked on the door of the Big House one stormy night and was given shelter inside,  joining a card game which was being played by the gentry.  One of the players dropped a card, and reaching down to  pick it up, noticed that the new-comer to the game had a cloven foot and that they had, in fact, invited the devil to join them.  According to tradition, the room was boarded up and no one ever dared to enter.

Eddie, the charming owner of Bellurgan Park, knows the story well. And he knows the answer to the 'blocked up' room. An extra door leading to no where gives symmetry to the entrance hall.
So, it's totally appropriate that there's all sorts of spooky goings on taking place at the Big House this week.

I was fortunate to be able to get a behind the scenes look as the ghouls, witches,  vampires,  zombies and other spooks began their transformation in  preparation for going a-haunting throughout the house and in the woods.

The wonderful make-up artist  Aine Lawrence and assistants were hard at work creating a host of scary characters for the Kreepy Kids and Ghost Walk events.

Would  you dare walk in the forest? In the dark? Without any torch?


  1. Well that looks like LOTS of fun!! Wonderful photos!

  2. My Grandpa told me the very same story and he was the one who dropped the card and had a look at the cloven hoof foot! It always sent a chill down my spine.
    This place would be exileratingly fun and spooky!


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