Friday, 12 October 2012

Measuring Out My Life With Coffee Spoons

We're all got our favourite coffee shops. Places where we feel at ease, where we meet friends to catch up with what's happening in their lives, where we can sit quietly in a corner,  reading or  watching the world go by.

During the week,  I  have my coffee breaks with friends or colleagues in coffee shops  in town, but at the weekend  I like to drop down to the coffee shop at Strandfield Flower Market  for some quality 'me time', to read the newspapers and take some photos.

It's a charming mix of shabby chic vintage and Irish country farmhouse.  Coffee  is served in mismatched china and the homemade cakes are the sort which farmers' wives used to bake.

In summer, tables are set  outside to give a view of the mountains while in winter logs burn in old stove.

The flower shop is filled with the most beautiful flowers which look as though they've been picked from a cottage garden and there's always a treasure trove of bric-a-brac to browse through


  1. Looks like my kind of place! I love the mix of all things sweet and interesting. These types of environments are most definetly good for the soul...will add it to my list when I come back someday.

    1. It's a wonderful place - great for photos as it feels as though a talented stylist has set it all up just for me!

  2. I'll have to put this on my list of places to visit, it looks absolutely lovely!

    Yes, I do have my favourite coffee places, and what a wonderful thought that all those bloggers I've got to know over the last few years have theirs too, in their corner of the world. If you don't mind I might to a sister post to this and link back to you, inviting others to do the same. What do you think? :-)

  3. Great idea Ciara. I'd love to see favourite coffee shops from around the world.

  4. Oh this is beautiful. I have never been to Ireland but I would love to visit someday. What a charming place this coffee shop is and your photography is absolutely wonderful.

  5. Hmm… the atmosphere is very warm and inviting. And it’s very unusual for a coffee shop to serve uniform utensils. But this coffee shop used it to their advantage; it created a homey feel to the ambiance.



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