Monday, 15 October 2012

Putting Dundalk on the Worldwide Photo Walk Map

I had the pleasure of leading Dundalk's first ever  Photo Walk for Scott Kelby's 5th Worldwide Photo Walk last Saturday.  I've never organised anything before unless  you count kids' birthday parties and our own wedding many moons ago.  But, when I saw that there wasn't a walk taking place in Dundalk and that, erm, worse still, a member of a  local photo society was leading one in Dublin, I took the bull by the horns and signed up as leader.
Thanks to Facebook and a few phonecalls, it was easy to get the word out to local  photographers and I was mighty pleased and relieved when two dozen photographers turned up at St Helena's Park  on Saturday morning.  I was also grateful that it wasn't raining and if anything, the sun was too bright, having burnt off the early morning mist. 
 We  explored the pretty park, looking for autumn colour, walked along the banks of the mirror-like Castletown River, while some lucky folks got a trip in a fishing boat.

 For me, the highlight was visiting St Nicholas Parish Church, known locally as The Green Church, which was open for the Harvest Festival celebrations. Light filled this beautiful  900  year old church and Rev Sandra Pragnall, who is soon departing Dundalk to take  up a new appointment as Rector of Limerick Cathedral,  welcomed the visiting photographers.

After that it was time for lunch to chat, compare photos and rejoice in new friendships. 


  1. Oh my, these photos are simply stunning, Mairéad. That sounds like fantastic day, I've never heard of it. Well done on organising it.

  2. It worked out well - weather was good and it was nice to meet some other local photographers as I've never
    got round to joining a camera club.

  3. Very enterprising of you, Mairéad, and the quality of light in your photos is beautiful, as is the happiness of the stained glass window.

  4. I never cease to be amazed by your photos. Just fantastic.

  5. What a lovely church that is and the chair in the shadow of the stained glass is stunning! Sunny skies in October in Ireland is a good day indeed!

  6. Thanks Kerry - it is indeed a beautiful old church and the oldest building still in use in Dundalk. We've had more sunny skies this autumn than all summer.


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