Tuesday 11 September 2012

T is for Tidy...and Tallanstown

It can come as no surprise to anyone who even passes through Tallanstown that it has retained its title as Louth's tidiest town in the 2012 National Tidy Towns Competition.
I had  occasion to visit the village last week and took the opportunity to take some photographs as I knew it was unlikely that the former All-Ireland winner would see its crown slip although a number of other towns and villages in the county are making great strides in this competition which is all about encouraging community spirit for the betterment of our environment.
Like many Irish villages, Tallanstown is little more than a cluster of houses, shops and pubs which evolved around a crossroads, although a number of new housing estates sprung  up during the building boom of the Celtic Tiger.

The pride which the people of Tallanstown take in their village is clear to be seen - houses are brightly painted and gardens overflow with colourful flowers.  Everyone plays their part in making sure that the village is an attractive  place to live.

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