Saturday, 16 February 2013

Christmas on the Beach

Whilst walking the dog along the beach  I found someone's Christmas today
Washed up with the usual floatsom and jetsam of seaweed and driftwood,  plastic containers and tin cans, dead birds and glass bottles, was somebody's Christmas.

Baubles, some still in the box were they had been carefully  packed away, were strewn on the pebbles.

A little ceramic crib and singing carolers, one minus a head, looked strangely out of season and out of place on the edge of Dundalk Bay.

There was tinsel and fake holly twisted with seaweed.
And a cassette of  'Give up yer aul sins' would never play again.

What had  happened to the owner of this Christmas?  How had their decorations ended up at high tide mark?
Had they moved house, emigrated or passed away? Or did they just decide they didn't like this Christmas any more and dumped it at sea?
My thoughts take flight and turn to fancy. Was it a post-modern art exhibition?
One thing is sure, no bin charges were paid before this puzzling, colourful and cheap plastic ended up
on our shore.


  1. In a word...STRANGE! Maybe you should put an advert for "Found...1 Christmas on the beach" see what happens!

  2. Yes, it really was quite an odd sight. Whatever the reason for getting rid of them, I fear a reluctance to pay bin charges was why they ended up on the beach,

  3. Oh my gosh, what a crazy thing to find! I love Kerry's idea of an advert for "Found: Christmas on the beach."

  4. Hello, I am visiting from Jenny's blog, I saw you there in the comments and was so delighted to see that you are from Ireland. I have been tracing my family history recently and found my 3X Great Grandmother came from Donegal Ireland. That is northern right?
    Your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Mairead...Re: My grey post...I'm sure a few of us who live in grey lands have wanted to use the title 50 Shades of Grey! I've seen a lot of hype surrounding this book but S&M and bondage just isn't something I care to read about in depth...I'll stick with my historical fiction, thanks.

  6. It'a a bit like finding a message in a bottle - but in this case the message is incomplete.

    What a sad little package that all adds up to.
    I really want those items to be returned to their owner!

  7. Oh dear... those perfectly balanced pictures have taken me to sad places.

    You should set us a challenge. To write up how they got there...

  8. Wonderful found art-- you show two contrasting extremes within the photos as well: human-made products against nature-made backgrounds: salt, grit, rock, leaf. The ceramic crib and carolers carry a heavy atmosphere.


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