Saturday, 9 February 2013

At the Edge of the Bay

We live close to Dundalk Bay and a short walk takes us to the shoreline.  It's a walk I do most days, except for mid-winter,  with a Labrador by my side.
Now, a Labrador (and a bright orange coat) probably aren't the best aids for bird-watching  but I still enjoy the sound made by thousands of feeding wildfowl and seabirds.

Dundalk Bay
On Dry Land 
Dundalk Bay is one of the most important locations in Ireland for migrating birds during the winter. It is designated as a Special Protection Area, especially for migratory birds, and a Wildfowl Sanctuary. Yet, apart from a handful of keen birdwatchers, most people seem unaware of this natural treasure at our doorstep.

Wildfowl Sanctuary
I'd love to say I can identify all the birds which come here, but unfortunately I don't, apart from the obvious ones like curlews, herons, mallard ducks, Brent geese, lapwings, plovers, oyster catchers and swans.

Flying Ducks
More Ducks in Flight

Low Flying Geese
The Bay supports about 50,000 wetland birds, including gulls, waders, ducks. geese, swans and divers, and gets winter visitors from Canada, Greenland Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia.



  1. How pretty this side of Ireland is! I didn't get a chance to stop in your bay last time I was there but managed a stop at Monasterboice and Mellifont Abbey which was so lovely...maybe next time I'll walk by the bay. Bird sanctuaries are so interesting and peaceful.

  2. You will indeed - and come in for a cup of coffee!

  3. What a lovely place to walk... personally even though your dog chases off many birds, the loyal companionship can't be beat!

  4. What a beautiful, magical spot. The second to the last photo of the lowflying geese is so lovely. All of these photos are actually. Thank you for posting and telling us all about the Bay.

  5. I love the ducks on the mirror water. Beautiful photo.
    We are lucky enough to have lots of migrants on our coastline too, as well as the all-year-rounders, but it isn't designated as a sanctuary. I love watching them all, and the herons who live up the river are one of the things that make my daily walks up there so special.

  6. Just gorgeous I love places like this. I spent my earliest youth up until about aged 7 there in Dundalk......remember going out there with my Dad on the bar of his bike!! Thanks for the memories:~)

  7. its the sort of place you could lose an hour or two. xxx


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