Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Market Comes To Town

Town's much bigger than Dundalk have successful markets but for a variety of reasons, much too complicated and long-winded to go into now, there isn't a regular market in town. Yes, there are a
handful of producers who sell their produce on Fridays but it's a small low-key affair.

Festival Market
The Festival of Light festival (nothing to do with the Hindu festival Diwali but all to do with kick-starting the Christmas shopping season) took place last night. I'd intended to go, hoping to get some
interesting low light shots of the parade, bands, and street performers, but it started to rain and I didn't want to get my camera wet.

     My talented friend Patricia was selling her pastel drawings and dough art  so I dropped by today.

                                       There were lots of interesting crafts and foodstuffs.

Some  you could eat......

......and some you couldn't

I met Inga who works in felt 

and makes beautiful booties

and the  most unusual jewellery out of wool and zips

Bronagh makes hats for weddings

and Jenny from Ferdia Foods was giving out samples of Danucci chocolate

I gave  into temptation at the jam and chutney stall


  1. Oh yum! It all looks wonderful. The zips are amazing and I can't choose between the lemon curd and the chocolates. Maybe I'll just have to have both...

  2. I've just put one of your photos and your link onto our Market page so everyone here can enjoy it!

  3. Thanks - the more the merrier!

  4. Oh my, Lemon curd and felt jewelry. I would have loved this charming festival.
    Great pictures. Looks like such fun.

  5. Fabulous photos Mairead! I loved the post. The jewellery is gorgeous - art to wear. I loved the felt scarves in the background. I've been to Dundalk and loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Seems like lemon curd is all the rage! I love the local markets as well...nothing like supporting the hand made arts and crafts scene...
    By the way, I do like Josh Ritter too...he made quite the fans in Ireland I've heard.
    Sounds like we have great taste in music, you and I!
    Right now I'm listening to one of my favorite Irish talents...Lisa Hannigan.
    Have a great weekend the way, out of ignorance, how do you say your name? Is it a gaelic spelling that is throwing me off?

  7. P.S my favorite Josh Ritter song is "The Curse", the puppet video is really something and I featured it once on my song for Friday...cheers


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