Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Touch of Frost

Jack Frost came to visit last night, draping his icy fingers across the countryside. With a heavy touch, he transformed the fields and ditches, roads and gardens, into a winter wonderland. Not quite as wondrous as snow but enough to make it fell and look like winter.
 Haws and berries were turned into Christmas decorations - a tad early perhaps but why shouldn't Mother Nature join the festive rush?
Leaves were etched with tiny ice crystals

and brambles frozen where they grew
                                                       Icy buds became Murano glass
                        I  swear I heard the prune leaves fall with a sigh on the frozen grass below.


  1. Frost has a magical touch...such beautiful images...time for tea!

  2. O gorgeous! I am so jealous, none here yet......beautiful photos.....

  3. Lovely pictures. Frost can sometimes be even more beautiful than snow, because it is so much more delicate. Your pictures make everything look as if they've been dipped in sugar!


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