Monday, 12 November 2012

Holding on in November

Dull dreary drab November, how I hate thee.  A month which robs the world of colour, sucking the gold from the late autumn leaves,  covering the world in mist and clouds. A month of earthy browns and grays.

There are those who drown in the joylessness of the winter months, whose lives are sapped of energy by the dark days and long cold nights.

Others feel their hearts  pierced by the absence of sunshine.
But even as November sucks the colour from our lives, turns beautiful pink blooms to a mushy brown, we must remember that nature is already preparing for spring.
The seeds are getting ready to fly
and the buds beginning to appear.
There are  hidden flowers and berries for the birds.
                                                              Nature waits and so must we.


  1. A poetic and evocative blog post.

  2. Lovely post.
    I love winter. I love the spareness of it. It is so easy to be happy in summer when there is so much bounty to lift your spirits, but somehow in winter any happiness you find in the world around you is even more meaningful.
    Your post made me think of the lines from the poem that I have quoted on my blog page at the moment - Binyon's The Burning of the Leaves - '...nothing is certain, only the certain spring...'

  3. Lovely sentiment Mairead, it's good to be reminded of the new life that's coming, especially in the middle of a dreary November!


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