Friday, 2 May 2014

April Scavenger Hunt

Joining with Greenthumb for the monthly scavenger hunt  once again. Struggled with a couple of images this month but made it in the end!

A is for Abandoned

No one lives in this pretty little village of former workers' cottages

Where  you'll sometimes find me on my coffee break.


Pebbles and sea glass worn smooth by the waves


Fish scales - marinated salmon for dinner

Decorative tiles on a traditional butchers shop in Castlebellingham, Co Louth


Logo on my husband's Fender stratocaster


Traditionally patchwork quilts were made from scraps of material, like this family heirloom.


Matching carving on the gateway to Bellingham  Castle


A path through the gardens of Ballymascanlon House Hotel, Co Louth


Misty layers in the background across the Castletown River as it flows into Dundalk Bay.


Fudge loves to retrieve  his ball and carry it back for us to throw it again and again and again.


I ran out of inspiration for this one when I discovered we no longer had toy trucks in the  house so ended up playing around with this in Picmonkey.


  1. You've not only answered the assignment but you've come up with some fine images too. Particularly like Dundalk bay and that butchers shop.

  2. You did well. I love the cottages in the first image, how sad they are not lived in. You have some gems, my faves are Layer and Carry.

  3. Great collection of photos, I particularly liked scale, scrap and path.

  4. I love Fudge and his ball! So crisp and the shell picture is gorgeous- I adore sea glass x

  5. Lovely collection of photos again. I really like scrap and layer and I wish I'd taken your scale shot. My favourite though is Fudge - what a great photo! x

  6. Wow, Mairéad! Before I even got to your scavenger hunt photos, I saw that gorgeous header. And the pictures in your hunt are lovely too. Fudge looks like he is a lot of fun. I can't imagine how much work went into that family quilt! It's fun to look at the scraps and try to imagine what pieces of clothing they came from and who wore them. Such a beautiful art form developing out of necessity and creativity. Have a happy day!

  7. You found some lovely treasure Mairéad. I really love the family heirloom quilt, there are so many different fabrics used. I would love to own a piece of family history like this. It is such a shame that the village you show is abandoned. Fudge is adorable. I even learnt something new today: I had to look up Fender Stratocaster because I had no idea what it might be. I was imagining a fancy piece of machinery but now know better. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs.

  8. Loved the photo interpretations - especially the first photo. I was intriqued by some of the place names - I live in Bellingham Washington USA and have never seen the name any place else. I'm off to see more of your blog.

  9. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. You have added another great collection of photos. I really like layers, scales, carry and A. Greenthumb.

  10. Love the graphic Fender shot...very arty. Lovely abandoned house, but what a shame and stunning layer photo.

  11. Fudge is adorable and your layer photo is wonderful.

  12. Great photos, especially scale, layer and carry!

  13. Just caught up on viewing Aprils scavenger hunt. Loved your choice , the lovely abandoned cottages, haw sad to think no one lives there, maybe someone might see them from looking at your blog !! the pebbles washed smooth by the sea continually doing what it does naturally.
    Thanks for such a great choice. I love seeing how we all show such different choices for the hunt. Look forward to seeing May.

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