Monday, 5 May 2014

A Backward Glance At April

April already seems so long ago. Those mostly perfect Spring days have been replaced by a miserable start to May, especially this Bank Holiday weekend.
This year's Spring was particularly pleasant, with lots of blue skies and warm sunshine, and who cared if there were a few showers. Hey, April wouldn't be the same without some rain.
The air was filled with birdsong with a songster in every tree and bush. There was the sweetness of spring flowers - the blackthorn blossom was really spectacular this year, and, of course, the sweetness of chocolate eggs at Easter.
April was also a month of firsts, the first swallow, the first butterflies, the first bees, and the first ladybird, all milestones to be marked as welcome signs that winter was well and truly gone for another year.
We got out in the garden and enjoyed seeing how the work which we had done last year was bearing fruit (figuratively if not literally). Plans were made for new projects for this year  and the pets loved the freedom of joining us  outside.


  1. What a lovely montage of Spring images. It's been lovely here today, I've been out in the garden potting on my seedlings.

  2. Every image a true harbinger of spring and the lovely days ahead! Look forward to seeing and hearing more from across the miles.
    Re: Annie's would absolutely love it there...a log cabin from the 30's which they have restored and added onto with beautiful results. Her place is very magical as well!

  3. Blackbirds are my favourite birds, they have a lovely recognisable song. I have yet to spot the first swallow but have seen a ladybird or two. I love the photo of your dog rolling around, he looks very happy indeed. x

  4. This is a lovely collage for April - we had so many sunny days didn't we?!

  5. I love seeing your month in mosaic, so pretty.

  6. Some lovely photos to remember April by. It was a great month - here's to May!

  7. Mairead,

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog, I will have to explore your blog and add it to my bloglovin list. Your photographs look amazing- something I really need to improve on. Hope you are having a nice weekend and that the rain isn't too bad where ever you are :)

    All things nice...


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