Monday, 31 March 2014

March Scavenger Hunt

Another month of fun looking for images to match the words set by Greenthumb for the Scavenger Hunt.

M is for
Musical Instrument

My husband's new vintage banjo.


Normally I'm switching on my computer at work at 9am but as I had a few days holidays in March, I thought this photo of our neighbour's sheep would make a nicer picture.


I don't know what these berries are called but obviously the birds don't like them as they have survived the winter.

Lit Up

Dundalk's Town Hall was lit up with green light for St Patrick's Day


I love my Ikea cheese grater -it makes grating cheese a doddle


Like my people I give out about my job from time to time but I wouldn't like to have to hold an advertising poster for a living.


This brickwork proved irresistible to graffiti artists in Limerick city.


Vintage style cutlery from the Caroline Donnelly Eclectic range at Dunnes Stores.


I'm loving all the spring flowers especially these 'Firecracker' Polyanthus which were a Mothers' Day gift.


How do  you like crisps? On their own, in a sandwich, or in a bar of chocolate? These limited edition Tayto bars are sought after but don't appeal to me at all.


A collection of tickets are reminders of holidays, concerts and sporting events.

A Coloured Door

The bright yellow door of the Galway jewellery shop where the Claddagh ring was first made.


  1. I love your photos especially the banjo and your cutlery. Your berries are cotoneasters by the way.

  2. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, another great group of photos, I really like your photos of M, brickwork, and berries well they are all great. Greenthumb

  3. I did enjoy your pics, my favourites are the cutlery, coloured door and man at work. I am going to have a bash at the April hunt, it sounds fun.

  4. Lovely collection of photos again. I particularly like the banjo, berries, cutlery and door. No thanks to the crisps in chocolate though - ughh! x

  5. Lovely collection of photo's Mairead, the photo of your husband's banjo is fab. Also liking brickwork and flower. I find it interesting to see which photo's appeal to others,,,not necessarily the one's you'd think. This month's list looks tough.

  6. I like my crisps ready salted and on their own. Great pictures Mairead, you have such a good eye for a good shot. I am hoping to learn. My favourite is the brick building and the spring flower. Cx

  7. Quite the myriad of photos...I like the idea of the photo scavenger hunt...makes you think more and look around you in a different way when you're out and about.

  8. Chocolate with cheese and onion!?!?! URGH, what a horrible thought! Those berries are exquisitely photographed- I kept trying to get lovely crisp close up shots and failed miserably so had to go for far off!
    The lambs!!!!!!!!!!!!x

  9. Great selection of photos you've chosen Mairead, hard to choose my favourite, but I'll say the cutlery as I like the angle of the shot and the lambs as I'm sure that wasn't easy as I'm sure they would have been moving around a lot. All fantastic. I'll be back again soon to spend more time looking at more of your posts.

  10. Hi Mairéad! I'm home and finally able to catch up on everyone's scavenger hunt photos. Yours are wonderful. That yellow door in the red shop is stunning! I think I would like my potato chips/crisps covered individually in chocolate. I've seen them that way, but never eaten them. I'm afraid a bit would lead to a stint in a rehab center! I think your red on yellow 'Firecracker' Polyanthus blooms go very well with the yellow on red shop ~ visually fun. And who can resist baby lambs! Have a great weekend!

  11. Crisps in a chocolate bar? Love crisps, love chocolate but I'm not so sure I'd like them together. Lovely pics by the way, especially the coloured door. x


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