Friday, 31 January 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2014

I always enjoy a photo scavenger hunt and sometimes join in on the ones over at so I was delighted when Louise at Ramblings of A Roachling posted a link to the hunt organised by Greenthumb.
As I only decided to join in today, I was lucky to discover that I had enough photos taken in January to match the topics - apart from one taken in late December.
I'll be much better organised in February -I hope!

J is for jewellery.

I don't have much 'good' jewellery, preferring cheap and cheerful costume jewellery. This Pandora bracelet and ring are among my favorite pieces as the charms were gifts from family and friends.


As I hadn't planned on taking part in the hunt, this was the most difficult photo to find. Taken during my  lunch break, a bit after 1pm.


This tape measure dates back to when I used to do a lot of sewing - and to before the fall of the Berlin Wall!


Tubes of paint belonging to my son who is hoping to go to art college.

A Corner

A corner of a vibrant abstract painting by an artist friend.


When our son was younger, he used to like to get hats from the local football club whenever we went on holiday. This one is from FC Porto - we were there when they won the league and there was great excitement as the whole city celebrated.


Stamps featuring Irish wildlife on a letter I received during the week.

Looking Down

Frosted leaves on the ground. This one taken from the end of December as we haven't had much frost this winter, mostly wind and rain.


Crowds of Garth Brooks fans queuing outside a shop to get tickets for his forthcoming Irish concerts.
The tickets went on sale on Thursday morning - some people started queuing on Tuesday! Not all were fans though as tickets went on sale on the internet within hours.


Fog is a natural occurrence which transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.


I'm planning to start a healthy eating programme in February, cutting out sweets, biscuits,  and other fattening options, and eating more fruit, salads and smaller portions. I did it in November and was pleased with the results. Now that Christmas and January are out of the way, I feel like getting back to a healthier and more energetic routine.


I like  the warm colour of the roof in our local park contrasted with the cool hues of a foggy afternoon.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else found in January.


  1. It's great to see you joining in with this. I'm glad I decided to carry on - I almost gave up as I was finding the scavenger hunts a real challenge last year and it became a chore, but I took a more relaxed approach in January as I wasn't sure about joining in or not, and rather like you, managed to just pull it together largely from what I had taken already, with a few I had to take specifically. You found some great photos to go with the words - natural has to be my favourite.

    1. Thanks to You for posting the link. I just have to remember to jot down the clues for February so I can look out for them throughout the month.

  2. Your photos are wonderful, the natural one of the mist is stunning.

    1. Thanks - the fog was quite special that day as the sun was also shining.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks - it was a strange mix of fog and sunshine.

  4. It's great that you have joined us in the scavenger hunt I hope you have fun taking the photos. You have take so many amazing photos, I really like your roof,measurement, colour, crowd well they are all great oh and I forgot I really like corner. Greenthumb.

  5. I'm looking forward to joining in each month and meeting other bloggers and photographers. It's always fun to see other people's twist on the clues.

  6. Hi Mairéad! I thoroughly enjoyed your photos, and I love how you post them BIG! It's amazing all the beautiful things fog does to our world! The moment I saw your name and the name of your blog, I knew you had to be from Ireland! I so hope to travel in your gorgeous and historic country one day! Happy week to you!

    1. Thank you! Hope you do get to visit Ireland some time. It's beautiful - when it's not raining!

  7. I love your photos - you have a great eye for composition. Colour, natural and fog are all stunning but my favourite is the simplicity of fruit. x

    1. Thanks Julie, I really enjoyed taking the photos one foggy day earlier this month and I like the apple one myself.

  8. Love the fog and the stamps, and everything else :)

  9. The bandstand in the park is SUCH a beautiful shot- it reminds me of the Sound of Music! Your frosty leaves are very beautiful too and collecting hats on holiday- what a good idea!x

  10. Stunning photo's Mairead you have such a good eye. LOVE 1pm, Natural and Roof.

  11. Oooooh! I LOVE your roof picture. There's just something magical about a foggy day!


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