Sunday, 8 December 2013

Winter Light

Irish winters are dull and dreary. For days, nay weeks, at a time the sky is laden with low-lying grey clouds which seem to sit just above the hills and fields.  The air is cold, damp,  disheartening, sucking energy and enthusiasm from our souls.
But every so often, the sun breaks through. There's a special quality to this winter light, coming from a sun that's low in the sky, that's different from any other time of year.

Sometimes it's so beautiful and unexpected that it stops me in my tracks. I come to a fork in the road. A  shimmer of light glimpsed on the waves sees me turning right, driving a little further, hoping against  hope that I'll be in time to capture the magic before the clouds gather in. I catch it and my  heart sings.

At home, the winter sun weaves its magic, creeping through the windows and transforming the familiar into something new. More moments like these and I could learn to love the winter.


  1. Our winters here on Vancouver Island are very similar to yours in that it is grey and rains ALOT! I tend to hunker down inside creating and daydreaming into the fire. It's been unusually clear and cold here as of late but supposedly the rains are coming back next week.
    I too love watching the way the light plays on things different in the house, the different shadows it can create are so lovely.
    By the way those vintage postcards are great!

  2. I absolutely love the photo of the gulls soaring above the sea.

  3. I have to agree, the light in the later part of the year can be stunning. Lovely photos.

  4. Found your lovely blog by way of Doris McGreary at inspired follies. Beautiful pictures and words that remind me of home. Thank you


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