Saturday, 14 December 2013

Confessions of a Lazy Photographer

Everyone loves a spectacular sunset or sunrise, those moments when nature dips her paintbrush in  warm and vivid hues and applies it with abandon on the blue canvas of the sky.
These are the moments which stop us in our tracks, cause us to pause and look up from the humdrum of everyday life, draw our breath and soak in the beauty.
The time around sunrise and sunset is known as 'the golden hour', when the light takes on a special  quality sought after by artists and landscape photographers.
I love to capture a good sunset. I'll check the time when it's due as well as the tide times and, if possible, I'll head to the shore  in the hope of catching some moments of beauty and tranquility. If, busy in the kitchen I glance  up and see a rose coloured sky, I'll grab my camera, run outside and try to find the best possible spot to get an unobstructed view of the sunset, waiting for the unfurling kaleidoscope of colours.
Sunrises, however, are a different story. I love my sleep and I don't want to risk setting my alarm clock for a sunrise which fails to deliver.
This time of year gives me the chance to experience breathtaking dawns. It's a rushed affair, no time to see the best vantage point, just time for a quick snap while my porridge is cooking in the microwave.
And when I see a sunrise like this one, I think that maybe, just maybe,  a new year's resolution will be to get  up early and find the perfect place to watch the sun rise.


  1. Glorious photo Mairead. I'm usually an early riser, but get later and later as it's so dark these mornings. Love to see the sunrise or any light at all really. There have been some beautiful red skies here recently too.

  2. We have had some fantastic sunrises and sunsets recently x


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