Monday, 4 November 2013

Seduced By Light

It was the late afternoon winter  sun that did it. The ordinary task of a trip to the clothesline was transformed by rays of sunshine into a special moment. Golden light shone through the ivy.

I swapped the laundry basket for my camera, washing forgotten.

Enchanted by this gift of winter light, I followed the beams through the garden, watched as they set the ash on fire, illuminated the last leaves on the apple tree, and put a spotlight on the holly branches.

Then, as a final reward, I spied a little warbler providing evensong among the haws.


  1. Just gorgeous - the second one and the warbler are my favourites.

  2. Beautiful, I love the golden light of autumn.

  3. How absolutely beautiful. And I love the clothesline shot. (Great idea.) Autumn is all about light and the different slant to it... and the sense of change. Lovely post.

  4. We photographers are easily swayed aren't we?!

  5. Beautiful are your photos!
    See you, RW & SK


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