Monday, 22 July 2013

Loving the Good Life

No one has loved the recent heatwave as much as the pets.  Toffee, who up to now had been mostly an indoor cat, demanded full equality with Fudge, our Labrador, and insisted on going out in the garden (under strict supervision).

He enjoyed the warmth of the sun,  chasing butterflies, listening to birds, and getting a new perspective on the world.

There was so much to see and experience, that he made a bolt for freedom at every opportunity.

And when it got too hot or he suspected we wanted him to go back inside, he took refuge under the wheel barrow.

Fudge, true to Labrador form, just wanted to play ball.

And sometimes he wanted to play with Toffee who found a new escape route from unwanted attention!


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos of Toffee (and a beautiful cat too).

  2. Toffee is gorgeous, I love the photo of her disappearing up the tree.

  3. Just left you a comment, but it disappeared! Try again! I love your cat, and his name! Our ginger cat, Hobbes, often shelters under the wheelbarrow too, and all our animals love summer. Their day beds move out into the courtyard and they spend hours 'gardening' (ie lying in the sun while I work)


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