Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Simple Joys of Summer

I am loving this unusual spell of beautiful summer weather. It tempts me and seduces me into thinking how wonderful it would be if it was always like this. Warm summer days followed by long warm summer evenings.

Life is easier, less complicated, and simple pleasures easy to find.  Summer clothes are unearthed from suitcases, holiday dresses, cool linens and sandals donned every day, salads and bar-b-ques, strawberries and fresh home made smoothies. What's not to like?

The long days seem to last forever, with so many extra hours for myself when I come home from work.
There's time for dog walking, picking flowers, taking photographs.  

Time for watching, time for dreaming, for letting hopes soar.

And still time to come back home, full of the joys brought our world transformed by the gentle heat of the sun and the kind rays of light which warm our hearts.


  1. I think after the long wet winter, we all want to have perpetual summer and it's so lovely to have the sun on skin! But I know by the end of October I'm looking forward to going 'in' and snuggling back into sweaters by the fire...BUT NOT YET!!

  2. A lovely post and great photos. We've had lots of sunshine too recently but the evenings haven't been warm around here!

  3. Hear, hear! Days like these change everything. You are so right, everything seems less complicated, more enjoyable, more do-able. I too am seduced into wishing it were always like this.


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