Sunday, 30 June 2013

Living Life's Golden Moments.

It's summer and I'm living life in the real world. Blog posts have consequently fallen behind as I continue to question how much time I spend in the virtual world, neglecting the things I like doing in the real world.
I've been busy enjoying some golden evenings, celebrating our son finishing school and supporting him through the exams, rejoicing that he knows what he wants to do with his life,  taking lots of photos at some wonderful community events, and, best of all, going on a family holiday which included our dog.
So, I've got lots of catching up to do but first let me share some golden moments found close to home.


  1. Golden indeed - the second one is my favourite.

  2. Lovely shots...sometimes you just have to stockpile your photos and relive them in posts on cold rainy nights...summer is a busy time indeed...keeping it short and sweet is good too!

  3. Fabulous photos, Mairead. How right you are - there just isn't time in summer to be indoors (even when it's raining, it seems!) Not that your pictures taste of rain!


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