Monday, 14 January 2013

Waiting for Spring

I am growing inpatient with January. The Christmas decorations are  long packed away and I want to draw back the curtains, clean the windows and welcome Spring into my world.  But the Irish winter is long and mostly dreary.  Winter, in my books, should be all about crisp bright days, clear blue skies, and a world made magical by snow or frost.  This rarely  happens in Ireland, so although the weather has turned cold with some wintery showers forecast, I'm not holding my breath for such a winter transformation.
Instead, the other day, I went searching for signs of Spring. As we've had a relatively mild and quite wet winter, and there are lots of signs of the approaching season.
I found buds ready to burst forth, new leaves,  green shoots and even some pretty flowers.


  1. Your photographs are really beautiful - you've found some signs of spring already, and captured them so well. I fear all our bulbs and green shoots are in shock from the snow which fell last night, and it's turned very cold here.

    Gillian x

  2. Spring seems a way off yet, we have snow at the moment and freezing temperatures at night so and buds will have a shock! I look forward to spring, my favourite season. Xxx

  3. Wow - look at the buds! and the green. I guess I do think of green when I think of Ireland. Here it is snowy and cold, with some sunny days but mostly cloudy and snowy. The snow does do a nice job of covering the brown drabness of Winter (not a spec of green here) but I can already feel myself growing a little weary of it all and we still have probably 2 months until we see signs of Spring here. Yikes. Just wait until mid February - I'll be a desperate mess by then.


  4. Ah I think we are all out looking for signs of spring!! ;D
    It must be the weather!

  5. I hope the snow didn't kil off all those lovely buds! Did you get much up your way? Here it was mostly in the hills with just a scattering closer to home. We are too near the sea here.

  6. Beautiful.. found your blog through Ciara, what a treasure!

  7. Oh what beautiful photos and wonderful to see signs of Spring. It has been snow covered here for weeks but as I write now there is rain and a thaw beginning.


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