Friday, 25 January 2013

The No Show Snow

It's been a wee while since I posted here.  I thought I'd be sharing images of the Irish countryside covered by a blanket of snow, but it wasn't to be. There was  snow to the north, south, west, and if you crossed the Irish Sea, to the east of  us but none here. We live close to the shore, below the ' snow line'. While the hills were covered with snow, we got rain, sleet, more rain, and cold, cold days and nights.
Laid low by a virus, I snuggled under the blankets, thankful that I didn't have to venture outside, guilty
that I was leaving colleagues in the lurch.  Days flitted by in fitful sleep and hours of reading - was it me who was fevered or Pi Patel cast adrift with a tiger for company?
I emerged to cold days and laden skies.  It seemed foolish to drive to the mountains in search of snow and I hoped that further falls would bring the whiteness down to the sea. Instead the rain came again, and I gave  up on my winter day dreams and bought some spring  from the supermarket shelves.


  1. We had a small bit of snow here, not too much. I hope you are really better now.

  2. I have been LONGING for some snow too, and feel quite cheated as everywhere (except you!) seems to have had some. A beautiful, beautiful frosty morning yesterday, but that was it.
    Instead I see the first little tete a tete daffodil has opened in the garden...

    Love the pink tulips, Mairead! Hope you are better enough to enjoy the weekend.

  3. What beautiful tulips, we are in the middle of a heavy snow fall here in Yorkshire, wish I could send you som! Hope you are feeling much better. Xx

  4. The colour and life here in your photos is just what the doctor ordered.....I too am mourning the lack of snow....but who knows there could be some later?

  5. No-show snow and feeling poorly. Not good.

    But Life of Pi. Such a rich read. Multi-layered. Wonderful. Transcendental. Have you had a chance to see the film?

    I am sad that you have been unwell and that the snow has not come - but what a true pleasure to read your post Mairead. You have a deft way with words and those tulips are gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful tulips... lovely color...

  7. Your photography is wonderful! Makes me feel the iphone isn't quite enough! I have a casio exilem (?) from years ago but can't quite master the settings. Off to look through your other posts x


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