Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Little Note from Me to You

I haven't gone away. I've just been busy...living life. I've been evaluating how much time I spend on line as opposed to actually doing things.  So, I've tried to pull away from the lure of blogging, photo sharing and tweeting, of constantly posting, commenting, sharing.  But I have been reading your blogs, enjoying your words and pictures.
And when life is slightly less hectic I'll be back with some stories and images from the Irish spring,
the fresh green countryside and a fantastic laid back music festival.


  1. Good thinking! I love these warm breasted birds perfectly complimented by those bulging buds......say no more:~))

  2. Hi Mairead...I've been thinking the very same. I think I'll only post once in a while when I feel there's something truely worth blogging about...enjoy some real time. Look forward to anything of Ireland you'll share!

  3. Looking forward to more of your posts :)


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