Sunday 3 August 2014

Catching Up

Summer has been most delightful so far this year.  Lots of sunshine, warm days and bright evenings. It's  been the ideal summer for holidaying at home, for enjoying the Irish countryside, for spending time in the garden and going for evening walks.
I've been neglecting my blog because it seems a shame to sit  indoors at a computer when I could be enjoying the warm sun outside or relishing those special long summer evenings.
So here is a quick collage to catch up with both June and July.

In June I enjoyed the excellent Co Louth Agricultural Show which was held just down the road in Bellurgan Park, we discovered the beauty of Connemara on a short trip to the west coast (which really deserves a post of its own) and the garden began to bloom.
As the warm weather continued in July, I loved spending time in the garden, taking my breakfast out before going to work in the mornings.
The perfect summer evenings enticed crowds to Gyles Quay where local teenagers had great fun jumping off the pier.
Even those days with showers brought their own beauty with rainbows.
The teen is learning to cook in preparation for  leaving home and going to college in September - he treated us to a delicious meal of turkey and mozzarella meatballs.
Doris, who has a very interesting blog over as Inspired Follies  has kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award, even though I've only been an occasional blogger of late. I'm deeply honoured by her nomination and will fulfill the tasks in the coming days. If you  haven't read Inspired Follies, I suggest you pop  over there and have a look.


  1. I can't believe how much sunshine we've had this summer, it's been a good one, it looks like you've made the most of it!

  2. You are so right to enjoy the beautiful summer and spend the time outside. I feel sometimes I am a captive of my blog (although I do really love writing)! I am looking forward to the Liebster posts, I very much enjoyed writing my own and it is fun to get to know other bloggers a little better. Your teenager's meatball dish looks delicious, I must encourage mine to cook a little more often.

  3. I've been a rather 'sometime blogger' too this summer. Somehow the long days seem shorter than the short ones - a summer mystery that I can never get to the bottom of. Hasn't it been wonderful to have such glorious weather. Fingers crossed it will continue through August (after the current hiccup, that is!) Your lovely pictures tell their own story.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your Liebster posts - Doris has also nominated me so I've been trying to get something prepared to post! I remember by great aunt talking about Gyles Quay - she uesed to live near there.


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