Saturday 14 June 2014

May I?

May I? Catch up with May, that is. May really whizzed by and I should have had so much to share but life kept me away from blogging for a while.
Having been away for what seems like ages, I'm not sure where to start.
May was something of a mixed bag weather wise (you see, us Irish always like to talk  about the weather) with warm sunshine and heavy rain. The flowers really appreciated this and the garden
looked lovely with a profusion of apple blossoms on the old trees and heavenly scented lilacs.
May was the  month that Dundalk turned pink as the town welcomed the Giro D'Italia Big Start.
For weeks beforehand, shops, restaurants, and pubs turned pink in preparation for the famous race passing through town.
May was also the month that our son finished his art course and had his work included in the end of year exhibition - he's off to art college in September.